Tuesday 8 March 2016

Awards season in upon us!

The following AIP medals and awards are now open for nomination:

·         The Harrie Massey Medal for contributions to physics made either by an Australian physicist or by a physicist working in Australia
·         The Alan Walsh Medal for significant contributions to industry by a practising physicist in Australia
·         The Walter Boas Medal for excellence in physics research in Australia (in the past five years)
·         The Education Medal, which recognises significant contributions to university physics education
·         The Bragg Gold Medal, which recognises the student with the most outstanding PhD thesis in physics
·         The award for Outstanding Service to Physics for exceptional contribution to the furtherance of physics as a discipline
·         And the  inaugural early-career research award, the Ruby Payne-Scott Medal, which recognises outstanding contributions made by a physicist who is just beginning their career.

More information aip.org.au. Nominations close 1 June (Bragg Gold medal 1 July).