Monday 25 May 2015

Professional Scientist Remuneration Survey

Many of you might be interested in completing the Professional Scientist Remuneration Survey, currently being carried out by Science and Technology Australia.  

Why?  Well, from their website:
'The survey has been conducted annually since 2005. Its purpose is to provide a snapshot of prevailing market salaries paid to professional scientists. It is important this type of information is current and readily available to scientists as they negotiate the terms and conditions of their individual employment contracts or explore new employment opportunities. The survey is an important tool in establishing market rates paid to professional scientists and helps provide valuable information to those working as professional scientists and those contemplating a career in science.
No identification is required to complete the survey questionnaire and all information supplied is held in the strictest confidence. A summary of results will be made available on the Professionals Australia and STA websites later in the year.'

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